3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe(r)

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3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safer

Whether you're a concerned parent - or a concerned spouse of adult who acts like a kid - here's 3 tips to keep your kid (or adult who acts like a kid) safe

  1. Protect Their Head. Ignore the online shouting matches about helmets. Serious head injuries may be infrequent, but they are preventable. Don't let a devastating head injury affect your kids for the rest of their lives. Have them wear a good quality kids helmet.
  2. Check Their Gear. Before your kids head out, check for:
    • Too tight/too loose? Kids grow fast - the pads from last year may be too small this year. Pads that fit right stay in place, feel more comfortable, and protect your kids better.
    • Damaged? If the pads are cracked or damaged, they won't protect your kids like they should. Replace them.
    • Really old? Pads lose their protective qualities over time. They dry out, crack, get brittle. If the hand-me-downs are from a big brother who's off at college, it's probably time to get a new set.
    • Super smelly? What kid wants to wear pads that stink. Save your kid the embarrassment and make nice with the neighborhood kids - toss them and replace.
  3. Help Your Kids Know Their Limits. The best protection from a crash is avoiding a crash. And the best piece of protective gear is your kids brain. Help them realize that it's ok to have limits. Wearing protective gear helps push those limits out a bit, but as we all say to our kids...."make good choices." If they're going to practice a new trick that their buddy has perfected - go for it. Just make sure he wears his helmet and pads.

Enjoy the summer!


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