Kids Bicycle Helmet Covers: Read This Before You Buy

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Barbara Stevenson | 0 Comments

We Love the Creative Look

Kids Bike Helmet Cover

Dress-up and imaginative play are important components to child development. Our world needs little kids running around as princesses, fire chiefs and super heroes. Parents can even purchase bike helmet covers shaped like dinosaurs, unicorns or piranhas to enhance their son or daughter’s fun.


However, this is an idea where we recommend you pause and think carefully. Some bike helmet covers have projections (think elephant trunk or princess crown) that modify the helmet. Unfortunately, safety standards don’t take these modifications into account when testing the safety of the kids bike helmet. The cute shark fin sticking up from the helmet can get caught on a branch and jerk your kid’s head backwards. Or features of the helmet cover may distract your son by flopping around, causing him to lose control of his bike and crash.

We Agree With Recommendations to Avoid Helmet Covers

For these reasons, nearly all major safety organizations recommend that helmets not have any sort of projections or appendages, especially aftermarket types. So, although we love the creative look and styling that kids bicycle helmet covers offer, we don't recommend or sell them.

XSPKids has a wide selection of bicycle helmets with kid-pleasing designs.  Check out our selection of Kids Bicycle Helmets. If ultimately you decided you want a helmet cover for your son or daughter, we strongly recommend you choose a cover design that does NOT include large appendages that stick out from the helmet, and add the "snag risk" we talked about above. A simple, conforming piece of cloth is likely the least risky option, if you must.

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