Fox Titan Youth Combo Pack: Because Crazy Kids Need Protection!

Posted on August 04, 2014 by Barbara Stevenson | 0 Comments

Fox Youth Combo PackSome kids require a little protection, some kids require a lot of protection...  You know if your kid's a little crazy.  He or she is more daring than the other little dudes at the parks or on the trail.  They get a thrill from pushing their limits, flying higher and riding faster.  That's the kid that needs to armor up.  Really armor up.  If you haven't been to the E.R. with this kid already, don't push your luck.  The Fox Titan Youth Combo Pack includes a chest guard (roost), as well as tough, durable knee and elbow guards.  Some key features that parents appreciate include:

  • Easy on/easy off, even for little ones
  • Comfortable, soft shell protection
  • High-impact, hard shell protection
  • Good ventilation, mesh fabric and perforated pads keep kids cool
  • Suitable for BMX, mountain biking and motocross

Don't squash your kid's spirit of adventure, gear him or her up and let them enjoy life to the fullest.  And don't forget a kid's helmet!

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