Bicycling and Charity: Two Great Passions

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People all over the country are combining their love for cycling with their favorite charities...

  • My girlfriend and her husband partnered with Destiny Rescue, and cycled across the country to raise over $34,000.00 to help rescue kids out of human trafficking. That's right: over $34,000. Just the two of them.
  • VeloSano ('Bike to cure') has raised over $1.5 million, and 100 % of money raised benefits cancer research at the Cleveland Clinic.
  • The JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes has raised over $20 million for research to cure Juvenile Diabetes.  Rides take place in seven (gorgeous!) locations across the United States. 

Bikers for charityDo a Google search of cycling fundraisers in your area, or go explore a different part of the country.  Some fundraisers prohibit young cyclists, so moms and dads can make it a date!  Or make up a fundraising trip of your own.  With or without kids, you're setting a great example to reach out and help others in need... while staying active and healthy yourself.  What a great message to pass on to our little riders!

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