Neck Brace: Should You Protect Your Kids' Neck?

Posted on January 10, 2015 by Jim Bartlett | 0 Comments

Second to protecting our kid's brain, we need to protect their neck. When a mountain biker or bmx biker crashes and lands on their head, a neck brace prevents Leatt Youth Neck Bracethe neck from snapping. (Just saying that makes me cringe!) The neck brace stops the helmet from moving any further than the brace's 'shelf', thus preventing potentially serious neck injuries. So does your kid need to wear a neck brace?  First of all, neck braces are designed to work in conjunction with a full face helmet. A neck brace is a really good idea if your kid:

  • wears a full face helmet
  • rides fast
  • gets a lot of air
  • rides in wet conditions

Don't take a chance with your young, aggressive bmx or mountain bike rider's neck! Check out our entire collection of neck braces and our full face helmets. XSPKids supports active families by helping to keep kids safe.

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