Is it okay to put stickers on your kid's helmet?

Posted on June 22, 2016 by Clark Orr | 0 Comments

Sticker sheetKids love stickers. Doctors and dentists reward good, liitle patients with stickers. Cereal manufacturers tuck them inside the box and our kids beg us to buy... the sticker. The big question is: What do you do with your kid's stickers? Is it okay to put them on your child's bicycle or ski helmets? I decided to investigate, and found a great article on Turns out, stickers can damage a helmet. Some key points of the article include:

  • Adhesives have solvents, and some solvents can weaken (by causing many, tiny cracks) a helmet shell
  • Damage, which you'd have to look closely to see anyway, would be covered by the sticker, so you won't know if the helmet's shell has been compromised
  • Sticker manufacturers can tell you about adhesive capabilities on different plastics, or shells. Or, helmet manufacturers may know what adhesives are approved for their helmets. (Now it's your turn to investigate.)
  • Duct tape, or aggressive adhesives, are most likely to damage helmets ( did their own crude test of helmet stickers over an 18-month period. They 'plastered' a helmet with stickers. Upon removal they found the only brittle spot on the helmet was the part covered with duct tape.)  

In the end, recommends checking to make sure the sticker and the shell material are compatible. They also tell parents to use common sense: if the only way to get your kid to wear a helmet is by putting a sticker on it, put the sticker on it. A helmet with a sticker is much better than no helmet at all! (Just don't let them go crazy "stickering it up"... and hide the duct tape!)




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