Kids BMX Protective Gear

Maybe you or your spouse have been hitting the bmx dirt parks for years, and now it's time to introduce your little dude to the sport you love.  Or perhaps your young one has been dreaming of an Olympic BMX gold medal since you outfitted their bike with training wheels.  BMX racing, invented by kids no less, is a growing sport that’s great for children and families.  BMX riders are a tight-knit community who teach and inspire each other to learn new tricks and reach new skill levels.  At XSPKids, we want to support active families by providing protective gear appropriate for kids.  Whether your child is a bmx street rider, vert rider, bmx racer, or new to bmx biking, they need protective gear.  XSPKids has carefully selected BMX safety gear to make your job of protecting your child easy.  So, gear ‘em up and go have some fun! 

Please note:  Due to the dangerous nature of BMX biking, many dirt parks recommend protective equipment including helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads and wrist protection.  Most bmx parks mandate helmet use.