Kids Elbow Pads

Sticks and stones may break their bones, but rocks and pavement almost certainly will.  And let's not forget the painful road rash.  No parent wants their child sidelined with an injury.  Especially if it could have been prevented by wearing protective gear.  Why not let your son or daughter ride or race with confidence, and encourage their spirit of adventure, by outfitting them with elbow pads?  Every active youngster, from downhill mountain bikers to driveway enthusiasts, and skateboarders to snowboarders risk elbow injuries.  And they hurt.  Let XSPKids help you keep your child safe with our wide selection of elbow pads.  We offer trusted brands and an assortment of price points and technology.  Some pads strap on, and others are sleeves.  Shop around.  We're confident you'll find just what your son or daughter needs.  



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