Kids Ice Skate Protective Gear

Are parents of skaters the only people that realize ice skating is an extreme sport?  Your child is doing two or three spins airborne, or performing back flips, then landing on steel blades.  What's not extreme about that?  Granted, skaters aren't typically geared up in bulky body armor.  However, why not protect your son or daughter with hip pads, tailbone protection, wrist guards or knee pads while he or she trains?  A helmet isn't a terrible idea either, at least until the tricks are mastered.  At XSPKids, we believe in supporting active families while at the same time keeping kids safe.  Our parent company, XSportsprotective, has been protecting athletes for nearly a decade.  We've chosen trusted brands and kid-friendly gear to keep your child on the ice.  Please shop our carefully selected collection of ice skating protective gear for your young athlete.