Kids Neck Braces

Like kids, different sports require different levels of protection.  If you're raising a little maniac who relishes the thrill of getting airborne on their bike, and racing down a mountain at full speed, you really ought to consider protecting that child with a neck brace.  More and more bmx and mountain bike riders are taking the risk of spinal chord injury seriously, and wearing a neck brace.  Used in conjunction with a full face helmet, neck braces are designed to stop the movement of your child's head from positions that could lead to serious neck injury during a wipe out.  The XSPKids' neck brace selection ranges in offerings from an extremely lightweight Leatt neck brace to an Atlas neck brace with cool, kid-pleasing graphics.  Keep your son or daughter safe, happy and confident on the bike trails and parks.  Shop XSPKids neck braces below.