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Keeping Kids Safe on Wheels or Snow

Welcome to xSPkids! Since 2004, XSportsProtective has helped families find the right protective gear for themselves and their kids. We know busy parents need a place to go to find information, advice, gear guides, and carefully selected kids protective gear to help keep their kids safe.

Protective Gear for Kids on Bikes

As a parent of 4 young kids, I rely on many trusted resources to help me get through the marketing hype and discover what matters, and why. Before I put any piece of safety gear on my kids, I want to know what's important about that gear, why it's important, and whether it's the right fit for whatever sport my two sons or two daughters are doing.

I'm pleased you found xSPkids. We're focused on you - a busy parent who wants careful, straightforward, and honest advice. Skip the marketing hype (you won't find breathless descriptions or videos claiming "the absolute best protection!" on our site). No. We work hard to uncover the facts, document the details, present them to you, and give our best advice and guidance to match the best product for your kids' specific needs.

We're happy to have you here. Explore our store, read an article in our Learning Center to learn how to chose the right gear, check out our kids protective gear blog for parents for timely news and info, or visit our Facebook Page, Instagram, or Pinterest Boards to learn, share, and explore. When it comes time to outfit your son or daughter, niece or nephew, or any young person you care about, we're here to help. 

Keeping kids safe on the slopes

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