Community Guidelines

Be Respectful

At XSPKids, we want to hear all of your concerns and feedback - good or bad. You are free to engage with us, our customers, or visitors to our various sites, including on our main web site, on our blog, a product review, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever. We value you and your thoughts. But we do have rules. When you're engaging with us or friends on our sites:

  • Please be respectful
  • Please only share true information
  • Please don't use profanity or derogatory language

Be Supportive

XSPKids is a positive place for parents (and sometimes kids!) to learn about kids protective gear, share what they know or want to learn, and be a part of a supportive community. After all, we're all interested in one simple thing - keeping our kids safe. So, we make no apologies about our right to remove any posted content we feel contains:

  • Links that we feel are inappropriate
  • Negative comments about anyone
  • Pushy or overly aggressive comments
  • Any content that we feel may be inappropriate for young kids to see or read

Help Us Out

We'd love your help keeping the XSPKids community clean and safe. If you see any content that you think is counter to our guidelines above, please let us know immediately so we can review it.


Specific Guidelines for Different Areas


Product Reviews

If something went wrong with how we handled your order, or you have any other customer service related issue, please contact us directly instead of posting a product review. We reserve the right to disapprove any review that is centered around an order fulfillment or customer service issue, instead of centered around the merits of the product itself!

Tips to help you write helpful product reviews:

  • Please only review items you've purchased from XSPKids
  • Consider what you had wanted to know before you purchased the product
  • Be as specific and descriptive as possible, including details on fit, adjustments, materials, and product quality
  • The best reviews include specific reasons why the gear did - or did not - work for you or your kids
  • What activity is your kid doing with the gear, and why is it well suited - or not - for that specific activity


Blog Comments

Our blogs are a way for both XSPKids staff and guest writers to post thoughts, ideas, suggestions, guides, and opinions on kids protective gear. We encourage participation and contributions, and love open ended discussions and threads that contain authentic opinions and advice. But, we do moderate blog comments for spam, as well as our site-wide community guidelines described above. Because we do moderate all comments, your comment may not immediately appear on the blog. Please understand that we do this for the safety of our readers, which may include young kids at any time.

Tips to help you write good blog comments:

  • Avoid defamatory comments, personal attacks, and harsh language
  • Avoid comments containing explicit language or any comments we may view as offensive or adult oriented
  • Avoid spammy content or comments that link to competitor's sites
  • Think before you post, and keep in mind the audience is parents with young kids, or young kids themselves

All blog content and comments are copyrighted and are the sole property of XSPKids. We retain the right to remove any content for any reason at our discretion.


Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter

XSPKids social networks are intended to be polite, informative, and safe places where parents can share, learn, and discuss. If you post on our social networking sites, please be civil, constructive, and follow our site wide community guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any content, comments, or photos of inappropriate or objectionable material, at our discretion. This may include:

  • Offensive material, including text, photos, or videos
  • Comments containing spam
  • Comments containing explicit language or content we may view as inappropriate or adult oriented
  • Content that contains links to competitors sites

We retain the right to remove any content for any reason at our discretion.